SHAHRUKH NADEEMChief Executive Officer
We want to help organizations in Pakistan take the digital leap in terms of Human Resource Management. It’s our goal to transform legacy HR into digital and more analytics oriented organ of the organization. We strongly believe that HR is the most critical and indispensable capital any organisation has and we help it further channelise and optimise it through our Cutting edge, Cloud based, Microsoft enabled and Intelligent HR software with a robust and user friendly Mobile App.
Furqan Ahmed
Furqan AhmedSr. Solution Architect
Sami Ahmed
Sami AhmedSales Manager
Naveed Javed
Naveed JavedSolution Architect


Complete Solution for Modern Organizations

MyHCM (Affiliated with Multinet Pakistan) is a digitally driven organization which puts Human Resource right at the center of its innovation and processes. Our laser focus on people management has helped us to deliver world-class and cutting edge Human Capital Management solution that is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the modern, agile and dynamic organizations.

Choose Modules which suit your Work Environment

myhcm offers a comprehensive suite of independently deployable modules to recruit, manage, align, and drive performance of an organization’s most valuable asset ‘their people’. Organizations can build a true digital people environment leveraging the diverse modular functionality with the ability to integrate into other enterprise systems. Myhcm solution delivers superior multi-channel employee experiences while delivering real time analytics of the entire workforce to management.

Cloud Based HCM Solution

We deliver our cloud-based (Microsoft enabled) HCM solution to organizations of all sizes which helps them control and manage their Human Resource to the optimal level. Moreover, our focus on strategic HR helps improve quality decision making which culminates in increased profitability. Therefore, our software and solution don’t only manage your human resource it manages your organization.

Diversified Customers Portfolio

Our customer portfolio includes customers from all major market verticals Manufacturing, ICT, Telecommunication, Education & Services. We are helping SMEs and larger enterprises get a true picture of their human resource for strategic decision making.

Cloud Platform Infrastructure

myhcm is designed to run at scale on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform which is a global leader in cloud platform infrastructure. myhcm is also recognised in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market which is currently deployed in numerous global Azure Cloud Data Centres across the globe.