MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which optimises all your HR activities creating a completely paperless enviroment. It manages your Organization and your Human Resources leading to enhanced productivity.

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A User-Friendly Digital Employee Management System

Provide your employees with the fundamental tools and access to update personnel information, get updates or submit requests, and have their HR pertinent tasks performed conveniently. The employee profile and the self-service facility is designed for ease of use, enabling employees to take the lead on numerous HR and employee activities on a single system.


Since the employee profile carries sensitive information such as contact details, specifics about a staff member’s position, and the company they work at, it is extremely important to the integrity of their enterprise that this information be managed securely and carefully. Being mindful of your privacy concerns, MyHCM keeps such information in a distinct directory where only certain users with enhanced permission have access to look through it. The aforementioned feature is approachable to supervisors, HR professionals, and the employee themselves but under a different set of conditions and only to a certain degree.

Creating a Robust Profile for Employee Needs

Besides storing basic information on employees of your enterprise, the Employee Profile also offers the capacity to store information in background elements, known as portlets for areas including work experience within the company, previous employment, formal education, courses, certifications, and more. Such dynamic sections permit users to add one or several line items regarding each heading. This leads to you being able to create a robust profile for an employee that may be used for numerous supporting functions of the organization. MyHCM, an employee management system, has you covered for all your employee needs!

Employee Journey at its Finest

The standard employee tab offered by MyHCM bears resemblance to a classic social media profile. To simplify, it is a summary of the fundamental data unique to a staff member.

Affordable. Easy-to-use.

Over 500 happy clients.

MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which automates all your HR activities and processes, creating a completely paperless environment. Our software lets you focus on people rather than on the processes. It enables you to work efficiently and manage your team in a way to enhance collective productivity.

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