MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which optimises all your HR activities creating a completely paperless enviroment. It manages your Organization and your Human Resources leading to enhanced productivity.

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Augmented Accuracy of Employee Leave & Absence Management

MyHCM recognizes an important aspect of human resource management: maintenance of information on absences for the purpose of producing reports and employee performance analyses. Employees may apply for paid or unpaid leave from work for various reasons such as injury, illness, vacation, trade union representation, labor, and other professional commitments. Our software enables your organization to maintain information regarding various absence types that your enterprise recognizes. At the same time, it identifies leave and absence trends among employees while monitoring their performance on work-based leaves. The accuracy and degree of reliability that MyHCM software offers is unmatched. We apply algorithms that are central to fulfilling your HR-based needs, aiming to carefully execute methods to enhance your HR experience. The software that we supply intends to

Categorizing Employee Leave & Absence Types

You can conveniently define as many absence types as you require, to keep up with employee time off while grouping these types into further categories that express reasons behind the particular absence as well. This proves helpful when it comes to producing absence reports. Upon will, you can link an absence type with a recurring or nonrecurring absence element. Every single element has an input value that makes use of hours/days as a unit of measure. MyHCM lets you set up absence benefit plans that also check the eligibility of employees for certain plans after carefully processing previous absence patterns for methodical employee leave and absence management. Employees have the control to enter their own absence but managers too have the command over either entering or viewing absences for them. HR professionals can also upload and view absence information from timecards by employing the use of our software options. MyHCM supplies a suitable way to categorize information about different kinds of absence types that your enterprise identifies. With the aim to further facilitate reporting and analysis of employee absence patterns, the software allows you to distinguish between absence types and absence categories. An absence category identifies itself with absence types. Some absence categories might already be defined for your legislation. Absence categories may include holiday, jury duty, injury etc. To understand categorizing, here’s an example: the category can be ‘family leave’, the type can be ‘maternity’ and the relevant reason can be ‘birth’. In this way, the absence type is recorded in days or hours, based on the need at the time.

Management of Paid Time Off Accruals

Numerous establishments allow employees to accrue hours or days of their paid time off as they work. This is so they can use it for sick leave or a vacation. In such organizations, the setting up and maintenance of paid time off plans is a significant part of employee leave and absence management. MyHCM permits its users to set up any number or accrual plans according to their unique demands, each possessing individual units of accrued hours/days and its own benefits and obligations. To provide an example, you can establish rules based on the frequency of accruals, allowance of carryover to the next accrual year, the eligibility criteria for applying for a plan, and the accrual rules for newly hired staff members.

Producing Reports on Employee Leave and Absence Management

MyHCM supplies several reporting templates to conveniently track absences while determining absence trends within your organization. You can navigate towards ‘Absences and Leave Reports’ where you can discover absence-related specifics for an employee or an enterprise, for some or all absence types. This effortless approach is designed solely to assist HR professionals, saving them time and energy to produce the same quality or rather enhanced results. The automatically generated reports critically analyze absence patterns among employees and thus produce highly accurate and reliable outcomes. They also record employee performance during the time of an outstation, professional leave. As observed:

MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which automates all your HR activities and processes, creating a completely paperless environment. Our software lets you focus on people rather than on the processes. It enables you to work efficiently and manage your team in a way to enhance collective productivity.

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