MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which optimises all your HR activities creating a completely paperless enviroment. It manages your Organization and your Human Resources leading to enhanced productivity.

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Maintaining the right workforce with high level of engagement has always been a challenge within the manufacturing sector of Pakistan. Not to mention, ensuring transparent performance management and constant employee development programs has been a tiring task due to a number of factors. And the current pandemic has made the HRM even more strained.


Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Self-Service, myhcm Mobile App, and Employee Dynamics modules can extensively optimize and increase the performance of factory and site workers. Whether its Time Attendance, Time Sheets, Shift Management, Compensations and Benefits in addition to Payrolls, or Learning & Performance Management, myhcm has got it all covered. So take the digital leap now and let us help you optimize, keep track, train, and uplift your industrial workers.

MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which automates all your HR activities and processes, creating a completely paperless environment. Our software lets you focus on people rather than on the processes. It enables you to work efficiently and manage your team in a way to enhance collective productivity.

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