MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which optimises all your HR activities creating a completely paperless enviroment. It manages your Organization and your Human Resources leading to enhanced productivity.

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Smoothen the Path to New Hiring

Recruitment on MyHCM with Onboarding is associated with the organizational structure and the staff cadre. A Head of the department will generate an Employee Requisition Form in the event of a resignation, termination or retirement of an employee or the creation of a new job position in the organization structure. This request will go through an electronic-channel and your HR division will receive notifications upon approval for necessary actions.

Smoothen the Path to New Hiring

MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which automates all your HR activities and processes, creating a completely paperless environment. Our software lets you focus on people rather than on the processes. It enables you to work efficiently and manage your team in a way to enhance collective productivity.

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