MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which optimises all your HR activities creating a completely paperless enviroment. It manages your Organization and your Human Resources leading to enhanced productivity.

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Voice Enabled Services

Order Around Through Dialogue

MyHCM is advanced software that employs voice-over commands to efficiently perform your tasks in a lesser amount of time. Our digital solutions permit employees to multi-task while our software accelerates their performance, helps achieve more in the same amount of time. We are well aware of how assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have added to our convenience in daily life. The same idea is applied to MyHCM to enable your HR professionals to save time by avoiding typing or entering certain commands. The power of conducting HR management lies in something as simple as your speech. This makes HR governance as easy as merely giving a command to another individual and letting them do your work for you.

Integration of Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri have greatly impacted and eased the lives of portable device users whether it’s for personal use or for professional settings. To provide the same convenience to our software users, we have integrated a voice assistant to competently execute the instructed tasks. Your job ends at addressing the voice assistant and explaining the performance of the task at hand, the rest would be handled by our comprehensive and intelligently constructed digital HR solution. Your expediency and comfort during the achievement of professional goals remain our number one priority!

MyHCM is a premier digital HR solution in Pakistan which automates all your HR activities and processes, creating a completely paperless environment. Our software lets you focus on people rather than on the processes. It enables you to work efficiently and manage your team in a way to enhance collective productivity.

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